iPad Mini Rumor Roundup


The iPad Mini is the name we have given a miniature tablet that has yet to come out yet, that Apple will more then likely announce later this month. Below is a list of our predictions and other blogs predictions on what we may see with the new iPad “mini”.


These dates are rumored popularly by popular blogs that have been legit in the past about dates. Again, these are rumored dates!

  • Invitations for the event will be sent out October 10th 2012
  • Event will take place on the 17th
  • The product will be released around the first half of November, just in time for the holidays!

The Looks!

  • Right about now we are all pretty much assuming that the tablet will simply be a “nurfted” version on the current iPad. More then likely the iPad Mini will feature an aluminum back like we see on Macs and current iPad models.

The screen

  • Because the tablet is supposed to be cheaper, we have allot of reason to believe that it will not feature a full retina screen. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible but, I think it’ll feature iPad 2 graphics. I also think that it will be a 4:3 ratio like all the iPads have been so far. Reason being is because if they went 16:9 they probably wouldn’t be able to use the new 16:9 screens they have on the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation because that is far more expensive. Making it the size of a previous iPad version will make it easier on developers and allow the tablet to maintain an affordable price point.
  • We are expecting it to be 7 to 8 inches. More specifically predicted 7.85 inches.

Speaking of prices

  • Rumors are saying that the iPad mini will start at about $250 or at least somewhere between $200 to $300. If Apple wants to be able to compete with the Kindle and Nexus tablets, they better have a decent price.

The internals

  • More then likely we will see the A5 chip with  512MB of RAM.
  • Part leaks have also shown nano sim cards pointing towards possible carrier and WiFi versions.
  • Not much is known at this time and it is harder to predict given this would be a 1st gen device.


  • More then likely front and back facing cameras.
  • No major reliable details at this point. Possible HD camera, possible half ass camera. Who knows.


  • The iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th gen now have the smaller, faster, stronger lightning port. So, why wouldn’t the iPad Mini have it as well?!

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Apple Rumors (Opinion)

Rumors about  new Apple products are by far the most talked about rumors of them all in the tech community. Apple usually only releases a new version of a product on a yearly basis, which gives people plenty of time to get excited and think about the product that could be released. Some people care about rumors and others could simply care less. My opinion kind of ties between the two.

I think that some rumors stated about Apple products are very interesting and unique. On the other hand, I think that there are allot of rumors that come to me as something obvious. Knowing Apple’s history and how they have worked in the past definitely makes it easy to think about things that may happen in the future with the company. Just recently a rumor was released stating that the iPhone 5 may be released at WWDC 2012. To me that is a perfect example of a stupid rumor. It seems like a very obvious thing to me, that the iPhone 5 may be released at this huge Apple event.

If you are one who knows Apple and the companies ways and history, you may find it ridiculous that it takes a popular tech blog to state something obvious and get it into peoples heads.  To me, when the iPhone 4 had a 720p camera, it instantly popped into my head, as well as many others that the next generation may have a 1080p camera. Yet, it seems as though rumors are not really mentioned until a blog has a “source” (which can easily be made up) to mention in the rumor.

Whats your opinion about Apple rumors?

iPhone 5 Launches This September with the iPad 3 Coming Later this Year?

The iPhone 5 according to the China Times is set to release in the second week of September with 4 million units ready to sell. Not only does China Times say that the iPhone 5 is scheduled to be released the second week of September. They also are reporting that the iPad 3 has a part shortage and will be released late sometime around Thanks Giving.

China Times does not exactly have the greatest record when it comes time to reporting things correctly but, China Times is also near the manufacturers of allot of the Apple devices and parts. Do keep in mind we have heard many dates and rumors about when the iPad 3 or iPhone 5 will or may be released.

I personally am shooting for sometime this September. That seems like the most reasonable date for the iPhone to come out. I am not so sure about the iPad 3 though or if there will even be an iPad 3. What do you think?