RadioShack Sells Porn Filled iPhone’s?

When the new iPhone came out people rushed to stores to get their hands on a device. Mashable has recently reported that a 13 year old girl and her mother went to RadioShack and picked up what they thought, where two new iPhone’s. But, turns out RadioShack sold them two used iPhone’s loaded with some “hardcore xxx photos”.

Because of this incident, the mother has decided to sue RadioShack and Sprint for selling a phone like this. A few things went wrong here. One, a used iPhone is required to be cleared and checked before being sold and two, the iPhone is supposed to be displayed as used, and in this case it was not. Then again, could it all just be a hoax? Could it just be a way for someone trying to put more money into their pocket? Seems allot of people these days pull stunts to get some extra cash. Not saying it was fake, its definitely believable. The mother has also said that the images are so graphic, her daughter has to go to counseling?

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