In Browser iPod Classic Fully Working Simulation: Its Pretty Awesome

Steve Jobs passed away a year ago yesterday and an awesome tribute was created by Inventika Solutions developer Pritesh Desai. With HTML5 and CSS3 he was able to create a working iPod Classic simulation in a web browser. The simulation features a fully working click wheel, working buttons, and playable music.

You can check out the simulation for yourself here. I must say, it is quite awesome.


Facebook Working on an HTML5 App Store for iOS Devices?

Tech Crunch has said that Facebook is now working on a project called “Project Spartan.” The point of the HTML5 App Store for iOS devices is to offer apps and games that are able to run right in the safari browser on your iOS device. It is said that over 80 developers are currently working with Facebook to make this possible. This is arranged by Facebook and not by Apple. So, the HTML5 App Store will probably not consist within Apples App Store.

My Opinion – I think that what safari needs first is Flash support and what Facebook needs to do first is make an iPad app. Let us know your opinion in the comments below. We are always interested in knowing what others think about the news.