About Me

You may be wondering why this is an about me page and not an about my team page. Its because, I am the team. I go by “Guitardude2744” or “iGuitardude2744” which are the names on my accounts that are used for the readers and viewers. I was born June 14th 1995. I live in the United States in a boring little state in the Northern part of the US called Indiana. I consider myself to be what I would call a slightly professional geek. Meaning, I like to act and misbehave like the average teenager but, I know when it is time to be professional.

I have had about 4 years experience with iOS devices. I started with the iPod Touch. I remember a day long ago when I was one of the only people in my school carrying round an iPod Touch. Now, 4 years later its one of the most popular devices out there. In 2011 I decided to take it up a notch by purchasing the iPad 2. I plan to remain getting the most up to date models of iPod Touch and iPad’s as long as I can afford to do so. I also have plans in the near future to get my first iPhone. I have been a fan of Apple for a very long time and I feel more then honored to be able to say that I was alive at the same time one of the worlds greatest minds and my biggest inspiration was a live. Steve Jobs.

So, here I am today with an iOS blog and a You Tube channel. I find myself addicted to finding out as much as possible about these unique devices we call iDevices. I go to school and with that I spend allot of time out of school working on the site as the writer, videographer, photographer, editor, webmaster, and creator of the site. This is what I love to do and it is viewed as a hobby and overall something that I would love to do the rest of my life.

You can call me an Apple fan boy because, I have an iOS blog but, I go with whats best. If they release a horrible iPhone that is beyond my disliking that may call for a different type of phone. I use what is best to me and for the last 4 years that has been iOS. I love Apple!