You can pretty much tell already just by looking around the site what iOSNOVA is all about. I wanted to find a way to keep people up to date with the most recent iOS news. I also wanted a different place to post my thoughts, opinions, and so on about iOS devices. I found that a website would be the best place to do so, and with that we have iOSNOVA.

I wanted to take regular iOS news and not only state proper fact but, also state my opinion or thoughts within that same posts. iOSNOVA is not only about the news. We also include a ton of extra things like, downloads that you can find no where else. I did not make this blog to make money. I made it because, I wanted to share iOS news in my own way. I also wanted to further help people with their devices as well as show my You Tube iOS videos. Its proof already that I did not do this site for the money because, its almost been a year (as of 2011) with this website with hundreds of articles, up to date videos, and downloads (as of 2011 there where no ads on this site). We have a variety of ways setup so that individuals can contact us with their questions regarding iOS devices and we always try are best to get back to them.

We love it when people send us cool apps and products to review. So, for companies looking for app reviews, product reviews, or anything else you can go ahead and do so by sending us a simple email.

We value each and every viewer and reader that we have here on iOSNOVA and we welcome anyone to stay tuned for more over iOS devices.