Facebook is a lot like a Chair, a Bridge, Basketball, and Doorbells?

Facebook has recently created a new TV ad stating that they are a lot like a chair, a bridge, basketball, doorbells, and more. It seems tons of people think this ad is incredibly retarded, I on the other hand, can honestly say I like the ad. Yes, it has weird statements and comparisons, and yes it is a bit depressing. But, at least it wasn’t some dubstep loaded ad like so many are today. It was a slow ad, it was a peaceful ad, and a well put together ad, the very reason that I like it. Although, I still don’t like Facebook and don’t get me wrong, I like dubstep. But, dubstep has its places and I don’t believe commercials are one of them.

Also, if only Facebook was really like this. These days it is stuffed with individuals nagging on people to like their photos and saying ridiculous things like “hit like if you love your grandma, keep scrolling if you want her to die” or “1 like equals one punch to the person who did this (photo of abused dog)” I mean really… You aren’t punching the guy who did that to his dog and you aren’t showing any respect for passing it around. I quite honestly wish people treated Facebook like they did years ago. Back when it was actually about socializing rather then things like paying $7 to make your post show up more on your friends news feed.


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